Marvel Snap

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  • Early on, the goal is to get two power out of every point of energy. You won't always achieve it but that's the standard to reach for.
  • You want to make sure you're fully utilizing your energy every turn. Your deck should run more low cost cards than high cost, with 6s being only 1 or 2 in the deck.
  • Due to the small deck size, you'll see the majority of your deck every game. Without any draw effects, only 3 cards will remain in your deck. The order will be random of course.
  • Learning when to snap is essential if you want to play the game. Each match is closer to a hand of poker than to a regular ccg match. Losing 3 1-cube games and winning a 4-cube game keeps you ahead.
  • Some matches you will lose no matter what. Keep calm. If you lose your cool, take a breather.
  • Learn your deck and what an early good hand looks like. If you feel your deck is going to pop off, snap early. If you wait until your deck is dominating then they'll retreat, leaving you with nearly nothing to win.
  • Snapping on 6 is a suckers bet unless youve got a big reversal and a great read on your opponent's play. Let it play out for the 2-cube reward, or risk them retreating and leaving you with a cube.
  • You'll play against a lot of bots early on. Learn to recognize them by their names, and squeeze them for cubes. They often have simple one-to-two-word names that are marvel related (Hulk, IronMan, StanLee), will always snap on 5 if they're in the lead, and basically play randomly.
  • There are other bots when you get up into the 90s that are omniscient. They get to see what you've locked in and the result of all RNG before they decide on their turn. Same naming conventions as the dumb bots. They can be beaten, but by forcing them to retreat from an unwinnable game.