Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

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  • It's worth trying out the Heroic camera mode in the Settings if you're playing alone - it zooms in more, and lets you focus on specific enemies by clicking in the right analogue stick
  • There's a Tips section in the main menu that explains the game's mechanics in much more detail than the game itself does. If you want to optimise anything about your characters, or pick the right characters for a certain situation, the Tips section will help
  • There are throwable explosive items in some levels that you can pick up and throw at enemies for extra damage
  • It's best to save the XP cubes you'll find for later in the game, when you want to bring a hero into your team but they're under-levelled, since the cubes will make a lot more difference to low-level characters than high-level characters
  • In the Team menu you can see what bonuses are available from different hero combinations
  • There's nothing in the Options menu to change the difficulty, but if you go back to the main menu, there's a chapter select which lets you choose the difficulty and which of the SHIELD points you want to start at. Doing this doesn't lose you any progress in terms of the level/upgrades of your heroes.