Meet Your Maker

  • Aside from the tutorial, every outpost in the game is made by another player. As such, some people prefer using guards exclusively, while others traps, and the rest have a balance of both. Go in with the mentality of "What would I do if I was building this place?" and dying will happen less often. Sometimes, though, you will get outfoxed in a really devious way. No one's perfect, after all.
  • You only have one hit to live. If you die at all, you start at the beginning. The only exception at all is the corrosion cubes, in which you have about three seconds to get through it or else you die.
  • Keep in mind players will most likely have some traps set so that they only appear when you've gotten the GenMat. Don't think that you're going to be safe just because you cleared out some traps or guards on the way in.
  • You have five Advisors that can help you with different things: Your character's suit (which has upgrades), the traps, the guards, consumable items, and your weapons. The level select will tell you who gets the points. Each level an Advisor earns can go to the Chimera for more materials to work with.
  • Whenever you finish a level, you can give accolades to the outpost's owner. Do be considerate and at least give them one and hopefully people will do the same for you and your outpost.
  • When your outpost is finished mining GenMat, you can spend prestige points in order to reset the meter. This also allows you to get more points to set up more things while also giving you some EXP. Generally speaking, you do not want to prestige your level early so that way you can milk it for accolades and, hopefully, kills since you are trying to stop people from leaving so easily. If it all dries out, you can destroy the outpost and start afresh. Also, you can only have five active at a time, 200 total, so get silly with it.
  • Every Advisor has a boost specific to them that costs at least one of the three materials in the game, at three different tiers of effectiveness with matching costs. I would wait until you've gotten a decent amount of levels for the ones you want so that it's not such a waste because the starting lengths the boosts are at are not what I would call ideal.
  • When building out the defenses for an outpost, keep an ear out for a loud humming noise that gets louder the closer you get to it. These are tombs that, when broken, drop a good chunk of materials. Setting up traps around them is highly advised, especially if it's set up in such a way to make it annoying to get at it after they've already taken the GenMat and don't want to risk a reset.