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  • Save all the time, these are GBA games from the early 00s, there's no autosave and a single bad fight will kick you back to the title screen.
  • The first thing you should do is start slimming down your folder so you can try to have 4-5 chips in your hand every turn. A 2 code folder is ideal, 3 codes is useable, 4 codes and beyond will make it likely that you'll go into a turn with one chip in your hand.
  • If you're going for 100% chip collection (required for certain sidequests), abuse whatever you have to to get those chips.
  • This game lacks the wildcard * code (which the later games have), but you can use 10 copies of the same chip so getting a 2 code folder is still feasible.
  • You get higher ranks in virus fights by winning quickly, not moving, not getting hit, and getting double/triple deletes. You physically cannot get an S rank by killing viruses one at a time. This also means that fights against a lone virus cap out at rank 9.
  • Beating a Navi boss in under 30 seconds without getting hit is an automatic S rank. Getting hit once knocks you down to a 10 if you're trying to get V2 Navi chips.
  • Chip codes are determined by busting rank, so a preferred code for your folder might require you to take a few hits
  • Nothing in game lists what the requirements for a code are, so you'll have to look up a guide.
  • The buster in the first game is actually insanely good, but falls off hard in all other games. Prioritize Charge, then Power, then Speed.
  • You can not collect all battle chips in any of the games until you complete the main story. After beating them you can go back and collect chips from bosses after the point of no return and new areas that unlock post game.
  • Some chips, viruses and Navis have elements and attacks from the element they are weak to will deal double damage. The elements are fire, wood, elec, and aqua. Having a folder to take advantage of weaknesses if you have the chips will make things easier.
  • Program Advances are very strong and do not be afraid to use them use them.
  • Download MegaBoy's maps for BN1 from GameFAQs. The net is a complete mess compared to the other games.