Mega Man Battle Network 2

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  • The Gater Program Advance is extremely broken.
  • From this game onward you can press L on the custom screen to attempt to run from a random battle at any time.
  • Fairly early in the game, you'll unlock a new 'style' for MegaMan, the type of which is determined by how you've played the game so far. One of these styles, GutsStyle, is unlocked by using your buster a lot, so in this game and Battle Network 3, unless you specifically want to go for GutsStyle, you're better off actually avoiding buster use and just using chips instead (which will usually get you CustStyle, which is considered to be very good).
  • Certain panel types will deal extra damage when hit with certain elements, regardless of the enemies type. For example grass panels will deal double damage when hit with fire and ice panels will deal double damage when hit by elec type chips. You can take advantage of this and elemental weaknesses to destroy some foes.
  • Grass panels will be destroyed when hit with a fire chip.