Mercenaries 2

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  • Ignore the cash pickups and the bombs that are just lying around in the overworld. The cash is something stupid like just $100K which isn't really worth the time and the bombs are usually things that you can buy in any store.
  • For stuff like bombs, before you use one check what it uses to mark the bombing zone. Smoke will bomb wherever it lands, beacons can be attached to moving objects like vehicles, lasers will hit whatever you have it pointed at BUT YOU MUST KEEP THE POINTER ON THE OBJECT UNTIL THE BOMB HITS if you stop early it will go off course, satellite lets you just chose where you want to hit from above.
  • If you're having trouble with Pirate faction missions you can safely ignore them as they do not contribute to the story mission progression.
  • To steal owned fuel tanks without having to deal with people calling you in and getting hit with negative rep towards that faction all you have to do is mark the fuel and then run off where they can't see you before you pop smoke.
  • The best way to make money is (after its unlocked) to do the winch challenge. Its super easy so you can just keep on betting the maximum allowed.