Metal Gear Solid

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  • Get good at switching back and forth rapidly between first-person and third-person, you'll need it for the first boss battle.
  • Unequipping and re-equipping a weapon reloads it instantly.
  • Cigarettes are useful for detecting invisible lasers, Thermal Goggles even moreso.
  • Always search out an area before moving on. There are a lot of items hidden around that you don't want to miss, for example the first gun in a truck at the helipad and the Thermal Goggles in one of the tank hangar rooms. Also keep in mind any card-locked doors you can't access yet.
  • Meryl's frequency is 140.15. This was a piece of piracy control in the original release - the game will ask you for a code "on the back on the CD" which doesn't mean a CD you have in game, but the actual PS1 case.
  • You'll get tortured at some point in the story, and whether you give in or not determines the ending and NG+ reward.