Metal Gear Solid 4

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  • If you're willing to get an alert for it, you can get a free Masterkey attachment (usual price: 30,000 DP) in the courtyard at the end of Act I. One of the members of the response unit that comes after you when you get an alert will have it, just kill/knock them out and you'll get it as soon as you pick up his weapon.
  • Hammer the L1 button in cutscenes whenever you lose Psych! You can get it back whilst the cutscene is still playing.
  • Sometimes getting an extra second is the difference between being seen and having a 95% camo index. When the coast is clear shake the control pad to shed your current camo, run to the next place you wanna be and you'll blend in a lot faster.
  • Don't think too hard about the story, you'll only get angry/hurt your head.
  • If you are playing a No-Kills run, pick up the SAIGA shotgun from Drebin. You can load it up with non-lethal Vortex Ring shots. It is extremely useful for boss encounters.
  • Don't Neglect the Metal gear MK III. You can press X as soon as it is under your control to Cloak it! you can knock out enemies, Pick up items, and scout ahead all while snake is safely hidden. Beware, Robotic enemies can see the MK3 even while cloaked.
  • During mission briefings you can control the MK3 and pick up neat items around the plane, this is the only way to increase your battery power. you can also interact with some objects inside the plane like the radio, and bumping into people in the plane gives you facecamos.
  • Rolling while inside the barrel and slamming into enemies will knock them silly, but rolling for too long will make Snake lose his lunch.
  • Gameplay wise, once you get to Act 5...stay to the left side of the deck of Outer Haven, it is impossible to advance into the ship if you are in alert, and once they find you, you pretty much cannot get out of alert mode, if you stay to the left the entire time and be patient taking out each guard one by one this shouldn't be as frustrating as it has been for some people. Also wait for the artillery fire to take out one of the Gekkos for you.
  • Unless I'm mistaken, taking out the bosses non-lethally means taking out their 'second form' (you'll know what I mean when you play it) non-lethally. You also get a little statue of them for doing this that appears in the area you defeated them, so take a look around before moving ahead.
  • When in their second form, if you whip out your camera the bosses go into photo shoot mode, which is...interesting.
  • The camo is very useful. With good enough camo enemies will not see you at all unless they bump into you.
  • Don't worry too much about not being seen/not getting kills the first time through the game. It's pretty fun.
  • Any rewards you get at the end of the game will transfer to all difficulties (as in: if you get the stealth camouflage on easy, you can use it on hard). This means that just about all of the ranks/rewards can be achieved on easy, except for the very high ranks (foxhound, etc).
  • The Mosin Nagant can only be bought from Drebin.
  • Any weapons you get in previous runthroughs will be available on subsequent runthroughs. You need to load from your game cleared save and play until you meet the Mk. II.
  • In act 3, you can wear any non-snake octocamo mask, and as long as you don't have your gun drawn, the resistance member won't run away from you on sight. With the otacon mask, you can even walk right past the PMC guards.
  • Auto aim sucks and is generally not fun, but it is fun in the bike chase scene in act 3. You won't want to use it the rest of the game, but you will want to use it here.
  • It is kind of hard to tell the different factions apart on the battlefield. The Solid Eye, if equipped, will indicate what faction someone in your field of view belongs to by the color of the name. That faction's disposition toward you is indicated by the colored badge to the left of the name.
  • If you are doing a no kill run, try these helpful hints: 1). don't shoot FROG soldiers if they are on the wall. 2). the powered suits at the end of act 2 can be brought down with vortex ring ammo from a shotgun. 3). beast forms of the b&b unit can be brought down lethally and will not count as a kill.
  • Drebin guns are a lot cheaper if you buy them in act 5.