Metroid Dread

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  • This game loves hidden shootable blocks. If you don't know where to go in the early game, try shooting stuff.
  • The EMMI can't hear you if you're not moving or underwater, but it can still see you.
  • If you intend to 100% the game, look up how shinesparking works, there are some very counter-intuitive mechanics that are necessary to understand to get every secret.
  • You never have to go through a hazardous environment room without protection to progress except for one short one late in the game. If you get to an area where it's all hazardous areas around you then start looking for alternate paths.
  • If you're having trouble with a boss, watch the introductory cutscene to the fight. It's not just a "look at Samus be awesome" video, it's a discreet tutorial on the basics of how to fight them, if not point out a weakness.
  • If what looks like a quicktime event offers you the ability to shoot at something, the controls are the same as usual. You can charge beam and fire missiles with the usual controls. This is especially relevant because bosses tend to be immune to uncharged shots.