Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

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  • You have to bear in mind first and foremost that you're literally fighting a Dragon with a goddamn pointy stick. If you don't use every advantage you can drum up, it's your ass. Use traps, use flashbombs, paintball them and run the hell away to heal if you have to. Don't go at it like a fair fight.
  • Go through the training missions and feel out the basics of the game, especially the weapons. Bowguns and Bow and Arrow are pretty awful to start with in my opinion, but it's your call. The best starting weapon is probably Sword and Shield, it has a decent blocking ability, you don't overcommit to attacks, and you can use items without putting it away (hold block and hit Square). Hammer is pretty good to start with too, but you have to train yourself to only superpound (stationary charge attack), the other attacks take a bit more finesse and knowledge of the game to pull off well.
  • Also, classic rookie mistake: Don't do the guild missions first, do the old lady missions.