Murdered: Soul Suspect

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  • It's very short. Take your time, look about for collectables and do the side stories as you encounter them. You can beat the game in 4 to 6 hours and get the platinum trophy in a couple more if you are so inclined.
  • You get a teleport ability a couple areas in. That makes travel much better than the slow run you have and you don't trip over everything.
  • Said teleport won't keep the demons from grabbing you if you cross over. You are still passing over those hands.
  • There are only a few enemy encounters in the game and no actual "combat," per say. Most of what you will be doing is exploration and story, with a bit of easy puzzle solving - bit like LA Noire investigations.
  • You can skip enemy encounters by advancing to the next checkpoint. They patrol a short path and give up faster the farther you are from that path.
  • There is no reward for getting a golden badge or completing a section of collections. It's all lore fluff.
  • There's a point of no return for finding collectibles and the game makes a big deal of it. If you'd like to know, it's the second time you go to the History Museum.