Octopath Traveler

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  • Tressa's a good starting character, and well worth keeping in your party the entire game, because she finds money on the ground any time you change areas.
  • Olberic's also a good regular to get early (and right near Tressa on the map), because Level Slash never stops being useful for mob-clearing. It's also well worth learning Thousand Spears ASAP, because any time you hit a boss or random enemy with a spear weakness you're pretty much guaranteed to shred 3-4 tiers of armor.
  • I would also suggest starting as Therion if you have loot OCD since you need him to lockpick purple chests and Steal SP is a bit crazy early game. Still unsure if purple chests are really worth it honestly.
  • If you want to do the final boss understand youll need everyone to be level 70+. If you just want to beat the characters stories you can just use your favorites and rotate as needed to do the stories