Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen

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  • Try to be a little underleveled so that your Ali and Cha keep going up.
  • Every unit should have a healer. Except for your powerhouse units.
  • Avoid using golems. Most monsters in general aren't worth using.
  • Set attack strategy to weak to kill undead if you've got a healer in the back row.
  • Pay attention to the attacks your mages/ninjas use from the back row, and who they target. They will always hit with the their targets weakness. Knowing what a unit is weak to will let you use weapons and tarot cards more effectively. If your unsure of which element is being used pay attention to the color people flash as they are hit. I can't give you a list, because I haven't played the game in a long time, but it seems pretty intuitive.
  • Always use class changing items on unique characters if possible. Try not to deviate too much from their class path though. Making Lans a Lich s kind of wasteful.
  • Search for hidden towns and treasures in obvious spots. Small clearings, at the end of a road.
  • A princess should always be the leader of her unit.
  • Hunt down some pumpkins in stage six. A unit of 4 pumpkins and anything that gets two all attacks should be able to completely destroy any enemy unit in a round. Also pumpkins have pretty good defense.
  • There are multiple ways to "take over" a city. If the alignment of the unit taking it over more or less equals the morale of the city, it'll be "liberated" else it'll be "conquered" or somesuch. Unless you spend an inordinate amount of time tweaking alignments of your units and picking which fights everyone gets in (pretty tough), you'll end up conquering all the bases rather than liberating them, which nets you worse and worse endings depending on how you did. Conversely, liberating them gets you good endings.