Phantom Doctrine

  • Outside of missions, lone agents are vulnerable to getting ambushed, so make sure you have your agents travel in teams of two. There are some guaranteed ambushes at a few points as well, so make sure to have all your agents geared up.
  • You want to spread your teams around the map as much as possible so you can respond to suspicious activities fast enough to interrupt enemy ops or perform tactical recon.
  • Carrying agents, whether friendly or hostile, pauses their bleedout timer.
  • If you want to do a mission, you absolutely want to do tactical recon first if at all possible. It lets you have disguised agents and support crew like spotters or snipers.
  • Enemies and civilians don't care about broken windows. You're free to to dive through as many as you like in full view of guards as long as they don't see you step into restricted areas undisguised.
  • An agent can perform silent takedown on enemies with HP less than or equal to the agent's current HP. So you probably want to have your agents with the highest HP use disguises - they're more likely to be able to quietly deal with enemy agents in restricted areas.
  • Once you kill or knock out all enemy agents on a mission, you're free to knock out as many guards or civilians as you want, provided you're on a difficulty where you can dispose of bodies. If you're on Hard, try to only drop pests in areas where they won't be spotted by patrols or bystanders.
  • Don't worry about conflicts between the body engineering chemical compounds you juice your agents up with - you eventually get the ability to remove them. So drug your agents early and often.
  • Always keep a few thousand bucks in reserve for when you need to move your HQ and/or give a few agents new identities.