Pikmin 4

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  • If you only have one type of pikmin on the field that had a onion home active then flowers will not cycle to the other pikmin colors. e.g. if you have a red and yellow onion and you take only yellow and ice then all the flowers will only be yellow.
  • The postgame content diverges into two "paths", one which more closely resembles the rest of the game, and another which begins by speaking to the important new castaway after the credits roll and hearing what they have to say. "Path B" is arguably more difficult, but fully completing it first (along with the "area" it unlocks) grants you rewards that are usable in Path A, which you won't really be able to use if you completed it second.
  • The "Look Here" command on the radar map is fantastic, and if you're good at using shortcuts in that area, using it and manually moving in that direction will often get you to a specific point on the map faster then if you use Go Here instead.
  • If you get a lot of nectar from a source and don't have any particular Pikmin color you want to bloom, just disembark from Oatchi and walk directly back and forth across it and your leafy Pikmin will drink it automatically. This doesn't work on Winged Pikmin.