Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire

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  • If you're playing on Veteran or below, play what you like and don't stress your build too much.
  • Insight and Diplomacy are the most checked for skills on the Watcher.
  • Trap detection is based on Perception, and Maia is the only companion with decent Perception.
  • During ship battles, there is a positioning indicator on the bottom of the screen. Port is left, starboard is right, but just look at the arrows and the positioning indicator.
  • All of the named ships on the world map are involved in bounty quests and there are zero negative consequences for attacking them, so if you think you can take them in a fight, there’s no game-mechanic reason not to gank them on sight.
  • Multiclass characters can only reach tier 7 skills (out of 9)