Pokémon Legends: Arceus

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  • You'll get opportunities to catch the other two starters in the wild later.
  • The default headkerchief is part of your hair style. To change your hat, you'll first need to get a haircut and remove it.
  • Take advantage of the online features when you can. If you're connected to the internet, you'll find bags scattered around the wilds that other people dropped when they were KOed. Recovering them gets you points you can save up to buy rare evolution items, and if you're connected when you get KOed, someone might grab and return yours for you, too.
  • Take a 'catch and release' philosophy with most Pokemon you find. Use markings and/or the last box for the ones you care about, and regularly go through the pastures and release the rest. (Don't worry, you get rewards for it.)
  • That said, don't release any species you don't think you can immediately go out and catch again, someone might want to see one for a side quest.
  • Keep up with the side quests, some of them have useful rewards (especially the ones given by shopkeeps), and one early one gives a
    guaranteed shiny Pokemon
  • The farm at the southwest side of town is a godsend. You can grow medicine ingredients for a pittance compared to how much you buy them or potions for. Once fully upgraded with the side quests, you can even grow nature mints, which change a Pokemon's personal stat bonus/penalty and can't be obtained any other way.
  • If you're having trouble getting close to skittish Pokemon or alphas, try chaining smoke bombs to give you a path closer, and/or coming at them from above. Most Pokemon, like most people, rarely look up.
  • Every evolution-item Pokemon can be caught in the wild, but it might not be until late game or in a
    space-time distortion
    , and is almost always a high-level alpha. Keep this in mind when choosing what to evolve.
  • You can fast travel while in town to different areas of the town, which is especially great for not having to slooooowly run back from the beach.