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  • The End Turn button will always display the exact number of turns you will lose, if the customer is going to remove additional turns it will update to reflect that total. No maths required.
  • With Customer Requests, pay attention to not only the potion quality requested but the sensations needed (i.e. good taste, good looks). These are the minimum requirements.
  • If you need to buy ingredients to fulfill a customer request then you're likely to lose money on it, only taking requests from named characters in these cases is the best bet as completing it will increase your relationship with them.
  • Enchantments apply to existing potions as well as ingredients, potions brewed under the effects of an enchantment will not retain the bonuses.
  • You technically only need two good potions to win each competition, it's a best out of three situation.
  • You keep the potions you present in each competition.
  • You don't get to keep any of the prize money from a competition win. Don't take on dead relatives debt kids.
  • Two units of time will pass while you sleep, don't waste your fuel on knocking the timer down past that.
  • You can check your relationship levels in the Deck Builder screen.
  • Relationship levels 4 and 8 will grant you coupons for their respective business.
  • Gardening is well worth the investment once it becomes available.
  • Sending heroes out on quests is key, it's absolutely something to focus in order to unlock new ingredients.