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17 March 2023

  • curprev 16:2116:21, 17 March 2023Oldskool talk contribsm 1,743 bytes +539 achievement note
  • curprev 08:1708:17, 17 March 2023Ahobday talk contribs 1,204 bytes +152 No edit summary
  • curprev 08:1608:16, 17 March 2023Ahobday talk contribs 1,052 bytes +1,052 Created page with "* It's worth reading the sms's you get from clients, there's more to the town of Muckingham than first appears... * You typically only need to get a surface/object 95-99% clean before the game will ding it and call it done, so don't fret too much about getting every last speck of grime on it. * The crouch and prone poses exist for a reason, don't forget to look under ledges and objects for dirt you missed. * The 40-degree (White) nozzle is more useful than it looks. I..."