PowerWash Simulator

  • It's worth reading the sms's you get from clients, there's more to the town of Muckingham than first appears...
  • You typically only need to get a surface/object 95-99% clean before the game will ding it and call it done, so don't fret too much about getting every last speck of grime on it.
  • The crouch and prone poses exist for a reason, don't forget to look under ledges and objects for dirt you missed.
  • The 40-degree (White) nozzle is more useful than it looks. If you cant find that last little fraction of a percentage of dirt to get that ding, wash it with the white nozzle and you'll probably get lucky.
  • Just buy the Long and Soap nozzles. Anything you'd hit with the Short you can do with the Stubby or Long, and Soap is worth it for getting tougher stains out quickly with a wide radius of effect.
  • The Soap nozzle has a wider range of effect on the better sprayers.
  • To customize your Sprayer after buying a skin for it, go to the Equip screen and click on the bottom-right corner of your equipped sprayer.
  • If you aren't sure where a part is that still needs to be cleaned, you can click on it in the list of parts and it will light up so you can find it.
  • If you're an achievement hunter, look them up before starting a job. Some of them require you to wash a certain thing LAST, meaning you'll have to completely re-do the job for the achievement if you don't do it the first time around. Requiring a certain thing FIRST, however, pops the achievement once the last listed thing is washed (i.e. "Wash all lanterns first" will pop the achievement once the final lantern dings clear so long as nothing else has been cleared), so you don't have to complete the job if you're going back for it.