Project Sylpheed

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  • Double tap A to target the enemy you're aiming at.
  • If the mission objectives involve protecting a capital ship, stay close to it at all times and use it to focus your attacks - only attack enemies which are near to it. Move away to attack other enemies and you can quite easily lose the objective.
  • When you hold down the fire button for missiles, the lock-on icon will flash and beep for every missile you're about to release. If you hold it for a long time you'll fire a lot of missiles simultaneously when you release.
  • Double tab the boost button (Right trigger) to enable MEGA BOOST. It slowly drains your shields, but it's great for getting out to enemy capital ships, or returning to your own.
  • Fly near your main ship (The Acropolis, for at least the beginning of the game) until you see the green "Ready for resupply" graphic flash up on your screen. Press the Back button, and then press the Start button if you want to skip the movie. This will instantly resupply and repair you.