Queen's Wish: The Conqueror

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  • One quest on the southern peninsula can be bugged and rendered impossible to finish. With the quest "Hunting Castus" you must enter the southeastern gates aka Smoky Peaks from the northern side the first time you enter it. Otherwise the map bugs, and an NPC you need in order to complete the quest never spawns.
  • You can respec your skills at will. If something doesn't work, just try something else. You won't get stuck with trap skills at any point.
  • Healing is hard, so CC including pushes and roots are good.
  • You can use most warrior skills with a ranged weapon too.
  • Potion bottles refill when you return to a base, there are a number that can be found and building the right things lets you have more and change what is in them.
  • The first base in each territory lets you recruit people of that group with that groups racial sub-skills.
  • If there is an optional sidefight with treasure in a dungeon, if you kill the boss and leave, the fight and the treasure leave too.
  • You can buy/sell fort materials at the port north of the start, once it's working again.