Quest of Dungeons

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  • This game's a pretty bare-bones Roguelike, so don't worry too much about mechanics.
  • Keys and potions stack, food does not. Stock up on potions and keys, and use food for healing minor wounds in-between fights.
  • The warrior's a good beginner class. All his skills work on cooldowns, and they're all pretty handy.
  • the warrior's Charge heals HP. This is not clear at all from the description.
  • Click on doors to close them. You can use this for a breather from monsters.
  • Always unlock key doors whenever you can. They tend to have 2-4 chests behind them, along with the occasional HP or MP fountain.
  • The grey goblins on floor 4 can steal items, and killing them doesn't give them back. Kill them from afar, or make sure you can stun or one-shot them.
  • Check with merchants before you leave a floor. They restock over time, so they'll have a new selection by then.
  • Gems are garbage, ignore them and sell equipment instead.
  • A stun + a DOT skill can chew through a lot of an enemy's HP and give you time to heal up.