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  • Buy the half-binocular thing ASAP. It's actually a scope for your starting pistol, which given upgraded ammunition makes it the best weapon in the game until the very end. Buy the Fat Whatevers ammunition recipe ASAP.
  • You will grab a lot of junk from the missions, remember to sell it. Stuff that's marked with $ in the sell menu can be sold in peace. With the exception of feltrite crystals - those have another use as well.
  • You get some bonus items for jumping vehicles into those floating Authority thingamajigs. If the nearby turrets start shooting you, remember you can destroy them too (ram them with your car or whatever).
  • Sentry turrets are worthless. Sentry bots however kick a fair bit of ass. Use your components to build the latter.
  • Rocket Rally races can be hard. Remember the pattern in which the hotspots appear in, and upon capturing one, don't head for the next one unless you're sure you can grab it, but the one after that.
  • The point of no return is Destroying a enforcers bridge
  • Always have a couple of lock grinders and sentry bots (Little spider dudes) available.
  • Other than one bit about half way though, don't bother hoarding feltrite crystals. (Save 20 sell the rest)
  • Don't forget to talk to the girl in the Hanar settlement to get wingsticks.
  • Just buy performance spiked tires.
  • Minigames are pointless but there is an oddjob board in the hubs.
  • Talk to the bartenders.