Realms of Antiquity: The Shattered Crown

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  • If you start with a single character, you can use the Hero class which is more than strong enough to solo the early part of the game. There is one recruitable member of each other class.
  • Most stats have a decent benefit if you get them to 8.
  • Don't train too much in picking locks, disarming traps or lore, as you can completely replicate these skills with magic.
  • You can find a good spellbook in the ice fort north of the starting town. Buy a mace first for skeletons, though.
  • Magic Eye is an important spell as otherwise it can be hard to spot secret doors.
  • You need food to regain stamina as time passes.
  • A buff overwrites a bad condition, so if you get poisoned you can either cast Cure or Regenerate, for instance.