Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

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  • On your first run through the game, treat Nemesis like he's radioactive. Don't fight him if it can possibly be avoided in any way. (You don't have a mandatory fight against plain Nemesis until the clock tower courtyard, which you won't reach for a while. You can immediately end the fight in the railcar by turning around and leaving again.) Nemesis is right-handed, so you can most easily avoid him by simply running straight by him on the left side; he'll wind up for his big haymaker and go straight past you.
  • Stockpile Gunpowder C (Gunpowder A + Gunpowder B) and the plain grenade rounds. You can combine these to make Freeze Rounds, which are the most powerful weapon against Nemesis; they knock him down in six shots and knock him out in six more.
  • You do not need to kill everything you see. Avoid conflict whenever possible. RE3 has more ammunition lying around than the games that came before it, but there is a finite supply. Use any explosive barrels you see.
  • Aim the shotgun up to blow off zombies' heads at close range.