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  • In the Text & Language section of the options, there's a Writer's Cut setting. You should probably turn this on. Even with it on, the game's still less verbose than the older games can be at times. and it means more jokes!
  • You should probably also enable Hard Mode. Unlike Mega-Monkey mode in Curse of Monkey Island, this doesn't add all that much difficulty. In fact, even with it on, you'll probably find most puzzles to be a breeze.
  • Speaking of CoMI, while this game is advertised as a sequel to Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge, it borrows quite a lot from Curse, narratively. It's probably best to play through the first 3 games, if not the whole series, before picking RtMI up.
  • As usual in Monkey Island games, you can't die* or put yourself in a position where you can't complete the game. Experiment with items and dialogue to your heart's content.
  • Unlike earlier installments, sometimes you'll have to repeat the same action a few times to actually solve a puzzle.
  • Several puzzles have multiple solutions. There's a system where the game will let you literally burn excess inventory, which can help you narrow your options down.
  • There's no penalty or loss of achievements for using the hint system (once it appears).
  • Speaking of achievements, the trivia cards laying around respawn over time, but the mechanics are a little unintuitive. Essentially, you get a lot of card spawns when you come back after taking a break. They won't spawn if you have a lot of unused cards, though, so make sure to answer them before quitting a session for the day.
  • Double click to run.