Rise to Ruins

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  • Workers put into a resource collection job will do that job at a faster rate than pure builders, but that also means that if you aren't desparate for the bonus you can delay making the resource collecting places for a few days and focusing on just builders.
  • Everything except fences needs building slots to make them, fence gates included. You get more by upgrading the town center or by building auxiliaries. Don't pop out tons of the same building for that reason.
  • Personal preference but stone is harder to come across than wood so rely on bow towers and wood golems for defense. They are cheap and renewable.
  • Occasionally you will find glowing rings on the ground, click them repeatedly and they will drop either a chest or a key. Combine the two and you will get a pile of goodies. You can move the key but the box will only teleport if you click it again.
  • The grabbing God power is very good at the start. You can use it to pull useable resources out of the trees without a pawn, drop already mined resources onto buildings to add them to the building's inventory, and throw monsters into ancient cullis gates to kill them instantly. Latter is good for surviving the first few nights before you get proper defenses up.
  • Other good God powers for early game
    • Summon Holy Golem: Instant point defense
    • Lumination (sp?): Cheaply lights up large area of the map, helps cut down on number of campfires you need to put up (since those take up building slots)
    • Rejuvination (sp?): Good essence dump, advances the grow cycle of trees and plants.
  • Small radiance pools can be found around the map, already put together. these are magic batteries that can recharge your Essence when you hover over them.
  • The overlays has a "blocking map" that shows all the impassible areas around the camp. This is awesome for seeing when a tree in the middle of a narrow path will properly block monsters or not.