Rogue Legacy 2

  • Iron is going to be little bit of a bottleneck, so anything that improves iron gathering will help you to get better equipment faster. But don’t stress it too much, as without weight improvements, you may not have the capacity to wear the best found blueprints.
  • Consider spreading the points around the manor at first, as there are multiple classes that have to be unlocked by buying a room in the manor first. I don’t think any of them are particularly OP, but some of them are definitely fun to play with. Also, each class has its own bonus from gaining levels that gets added to all classes.
  • You will eventually unlock a challenges room in the starting town. The challenges are difficult, but reward a currency that can be used to increase levels of manor rooms, gain +level blueprints, and some other stuff. The challenges have a default difficulty that is not affected by manor or gear upgrades. You can make the challenges a bit easier by clearing out the red portals for “Scars” once you have unlocked the challenges. You also earn some othe the challenge currency when you defeat bosses.
  • You may find it worthwhile to skip a boss and explore new zones for more money/xp/blueprints/unlocks and come back to tackle bosses after some upgrades. There is only one late level instance of a boss directly gating off new content (kinda/sorta, trying to be vague). There is usually a way to get around a gate, or the new level you found is meant to be tackled later after you found upgrades in other levels.
  • Don’t just skip all the story content rooms. When you get the last story entry for a level filled in, it unlocks and points clues to a hidden room that when found gives bonus damage to the boss of the level.