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  • Use your shock sticks because you're going to find a lot of them.
  • Combine the health patches with repair sprays to make Spray+'s.
  • You'll see a revolver behind glass early on, just ignore it. The one you can actually get is later in the game.
  • Most enemies can simply be evaded, they're slow as hell and ammo is limited. Walk softly to sneak behind them, or just sprint by if you gotta.
  • It's only really worth putting down the Replikas (by choice I mean, not immediate survival) that're in the "hub" rooms leading off everywhere near your save room just for breathing space. And if you're gonna use a flare, those are the ones to burn.
  • Always stuff key items into your box until you figure out what to use it on to save space for supplies you might find.
  • Passageways directly next to save points is usually a good place to burn enemies so they don't respawn.
  • You can exploit the infinite saves and just reload if you messed up, so save frequently.
  • You can fine adjust your aim by pushing the right stick forward and then slowly turning it until you get a lock on.