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  • In terms of assembling your spellbook, it doesn't matter much whether you stick to one god, or play the field. The spells and creatures at each level have roughly the same function, so you will never find yourself, say, without any ranged attackers.
  • In general, melee beats ranged, flyers beat melee, ranged beats flyers. That said, having all three is not always a requirement. Personally, I liked playing with just a massive squad of ranged attackers.
  • Manahoars are necessary, but don't go nuts. 2-4 is enough.
  • The general strategy is: if you are losing a battle, grab the blue souls and run back to your altar to regroup. If you are winning, try to drive off the enemy before he can grab all his souls, then convert his. Once you have an advantage in souls, you'll tend to keep on winning.
  • Never summon a sac-doctor in the middle of battle. It just doesn't work.
  • The high end spells are splashy and fun, but not always effective. In particular, be very careful when casting Bore or Death.
  • ALWAYS help with James's 'dragon problem' if you intend to go with Persephone or James in the end(And possibly if you intend to go another way). Sirroco is seriously helpful early-You don't get resurrection except via a certain Charnel spell, or the special ability of Dragons. Hero units will stay with you unless you switch sides outright.
  • I literally got through every level except the last by summoning a bunch of guys and tying them to one structure (don't remember what they're called), waiting until the computer player came and got fairly slaughtered, gathered all his souls, then repeated the process until the computer player was reduced to 0 souls. Fun time. Until the last battle, then I was fucked.