Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin

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  • The first rice crops will be very low, this is mostly story based, and wild grains like foxtail and wheat are going to be essential to getting healing buffs
  • Early on, white rice is far better as stat gains are exponential. Brown rice gives much higher temporary stat bonuses and is better late game.
  • Story progression gates a lot of upgrades and improvements to the rice farming
  • A simple method for 'good' rice is to keep the water at 20% until the third offshoot, then drain. For sprouting stage use 30% water until harvest is ready.
  • Spread fertilizer every morning and work to max out the triangle.
  • Harvest the rice in autumn even if it's ready in summer, early harvest can cause rice diseases
  • No matter what, bring the rice in before winter
  • Check the potential fertilizer mixes under "add additional components". Rotten food is a great way to push up stats but requires pest control methods
  • For pest control, catching frogs, slugs, and snails is better then using ducks. Ducks eat everything except one specific pest
  • To get more animals, send Kaimaru to gathering locations then return to base before sunset. A cutscene will trigger if he found any.
  • Later on, higher quality but lower rice yields are better for stat gains. This means using a lot of mud/salt to separate the seeds and plant saplings thinly. You will go from ~250 rice to ~70 rice between those harvests but it's worth it.