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  • The game's main appeal is an extremely detailed and unique art style that shifts between Geiger and Beksinski. The puzzles are pretty average and the combat is generally terrible. The game's fairly divisive, but if the art is compelling to you and you can avoid getting bogged down in the combat, especially in Act 3, it can still be a decent time. Set your expectations accordingly, though. It's about exploring the unique environment and body horror, but it's not really a horror fps like DOOM or even RE7/RE8.
  • The game intentionally lacks dialog and doesn't explain much. It does have an art book that's nearly 200 pages that explains the different environments and background story of the world. I wouldn't look at it until after finishing the game, since the unknown and alienness of the world is a large part of the appeal. It comes with the deluxe edition of the game, but that's hard to recommend buying without having played the game first given the different reactions people have had to it. There's plenty of lore videos and people posting stuff from it to check out if you finish the game and want to know more afterward, though.

Act 3 Combat

  • The game's combat very much plays more like a first-person version of a pre-RE4 Resident Evil game more than anything else. Enemies are a slog to kill so it's more about avoiding enemies and resource retention rather than actual fighting and it really wants you to stay stationary if you want to get any accuracy from your main weapon at all. If an enemy surprises you, the best thing will usually be to just run away and avoid/kill them when you come back after they've forgotten about you. Enemy projectiles are tough to dodge once they get close, but you can usually stunlock and snipe them with the pistol easily if you plant yourself out of range and stick to only shooting while at full accuracy.
  • The two smaller types of enemies will usually just be passing through a given area and will normally disappear down one of their crawl tunnels if you back off and give them space for a couple seconds. They can also crawl out of these tunnels, so check your back before starting any fights and don't linger on a travel route too long after its been vacated. The stationary enemies and bull-like enemies don't use these tunnels, but some of them are just guarding dead-ends with nothing in them or are on alternate routes, so they can still be skippable sometimes if you're low on ammo.
  • Enemy detection is more proximity based than line of sight. Ducking behind a corner like a stealth game doesn't really work, but you can stand blatantly in the open and watch them as long they're given a buffer zone. Again, think old school RE zombies.
  • I've seen people recommend getting good with the piston melee weapon as a way to preserving ammo. YMMV, but I found it awful to use and didn't end up needing to fall back on it once I got the pistol. It's also honestly pretty useless for killing anything but the smaller enemies who, again, will usually crawl into a tunnel and out of your way if you just leave them alone for a bit instead, so I usually wasn't spending ammo on these guys that often in the first place.