Shadow Tower

  • Strafing with L1 and R1 is the key to fighting enemies, allowing you to run circles around them while keeping them in front of you.
  • Strength governs your Hit Points rather than your attack damage.
  • Both of your hands have a separate "Reserve" equipment slot assigned to them which allow for quick switching between weapons/shields. To switch to your Reserve weapon/shield, press X immediately followed by either Triangle (right hand) or Square (left hand).
  • To equip a spell, you must first equip a ring to your right or left Ring slot followed by assigning a spell from within that ring to your right or left Magic slot. To cast a spell, press Circle immediately followed by either Triangle (right hand spell) or Square (left hand spell). Casting spells reduces ring durability.
  • You can find shops that repair your gear in exchange for your HP. Healing potions always heal you to full HP so unless you're very short on them, burn as much health for repairs as you can before healing up. Even 0 durability items can be repaired, but the cost is much higher.
  • When exchanging Cunes for items, the stat-increasing Soul Pods are probably the most worthwhile purchase. The expensive Fortune Great Helm is also very good, while the other pieces of gear aren't that special. The Beast Key isn't critical either unless you're a completionist.