Shadows Of The Damned

  • At a few points you'll be chased by an invincible enemy. You can lightshot to stun them. The game doesn't actually tell you this and a few people got through these parts without doing it (which had to be super frustrating).
  • Bump up the light shot's recharge time. It helps stun demon's faster and the penultimate boss has an annoying mechanic that will make you pull your hair out if you don't have a fast light shot.
  • The teether is the most important weapons because the final bosses practically require a good one. Get at least 4 damage and 3 capacity minimum by Castle of Hassle. The boner is less important as the game continues and level 3 damage Skullcushioner kills basic demons in one shot.
  • Dodge roll solves everything. You're invulnerable during the rolling animation so just roll away.
  • If you find yourself in a tough situation with low health and a checkpoint nearby (health carries over between levels) just die instead of drinking. Dying restores your health.
  • Set aside about 30 minutes on legion when fighting the penultimate boss Flemming . He's the poster child for bullet sponge.
  • Read the posters in the Library because they explain a big plot device. Read the end credits because they have funny messages in them.