Silent Hill 5: Homecoming

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  • There's in game tips on the loading screens. The one about turning your flashlight off seemed to really only apply to the nurses and Schisms (hammerhead things) here for some reason - if you see a nurse before it sees you, turn off your flashlight. Then sneak up on it and kill it.
  • Wait til the Smog monster opens up its lungs, then shoot it 2-3 times. Otherwise you'll waste 8-9 bullets on it when its lungs aren't exposed.
  • Become good at dodging. Seriously. This game is much more combat based than previous games, and dodging blows will save you health and open up opportunities to strike at monsters/bosses.
  • Health products are scarce in normal mode and even more so in hard mode. Use them only when in danger of dying.
  • Siam are assholes. Shotgun 'em 2-3 times, or if you're fast and good at dodging, aim for the female side.
  • The combat system has a pretty tangible learning curve. You have to learn the attack patterns of each individual monster as well as which of your weapons is most effective to kill it through trial and error. Until you learn these things, you will take a LOT of damage in combat. Just be prepared to be frustrated and know that it gets easier.
  • Resist the temptation to just wail away on dudes because that's how you'd do it in real life. The melee in this game is much more about controlled combos and reactions.
  • The doll makes a new haunting appear over your box non-stop. It is wasteful using candles to fix it.