Space Pirates and Zombies

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  • The bonuses at each level of research are randomly generated with each new game. However, the total bonuses will always be the same by the time you max out a particular area of research. The distribution of blueprints is also randomized. So tech availability and the possibility of some fat bonuses at low research levels may affect your decisions.
  • After many patches and added features, every form of attack is at least worth trying. Lasers, cannons, missiles, mass bombs, drones, turrets, whatever. Just try to concentrate on one so you can keep up with new tech as you get it. You can always reset your research choices for what is a negligible amount of experience in the long run.
  • Research you pretty much always want to keep up on: engines, hull, reactor. Later on, crew.
  • Low on cash, but REALLY want that last blueprint in a space station? Blow it up! A station's ability to defend itself is directly related to that faction's presence in the system. Soften it up by doing missions which lower that if you want an easier time.
  • Shuttle cannons are likely to cost you a ton of goons, but building around this form of attack will make enemies positively spew resources of all kinds as well as blueprints! This is also a way to massively hinder a station's ability to repair itself. Your crew will kill their crew and even tamper with the weapon systems.
  • When attacking large ships or well developed stations, try to focus your fire on a single section of armor. You'll absolutely shred the hull this way.
  • Just because a hangar can support a larger ship doesn't mean it needs to deploy one. Use the primary hangar for your deadly and expensive ship. Use the other hangars for Darts or some other cheap, quickly built ship. Give them a minimal crew compliment. You can re-arm them on the fly if you suddenly need something to distract or disable something especially dangerous.
  • That big, expensive ship you're piloting? Don't hesitate to bring up the tactical screen and send it back for repairs. It'll also deposit your cargo and extra crew.
  • There is a point of no return. It is very clearly stated when you reach it. Any missing blueprints can still be found after this point.
  • Don't get too attached to your specialists. Get rid of old ones as needed and always leave room for a new one. Though before you sack anyone, equip new specialists. The data you gain may cause you to level up and give them experience in the process!