Space Rangers HD

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  • Module size is very, very important. Go for the smallest modules whenever at all possible. There's no separate cargo bay, whatever hull capacity you have left after your installed equipment is your cargo space. If you have no space to pick up loot, it'll be a lot harder to make money.
  • If you don't start with one, get a droid for your ship ASAP if you intend to do any amount of fighting. It will constantly repair damage to your ship as long as it's operational.
  • Related to the above, armor is also very, very important in battle. When looking at a new ship hull you consider getting, pay attention to how much damage it blocks. Survival in combat is pretty much all about balancing incoming damage with the amount your droid can repair. Having 5 armor and a 15 point droid will be a huge improvement over 1 armor and a 10 point droid.
  • Get upgraded engine as priority, engine with long-range jump often lets you do courier quests in one jump and easily get increased reward. The artifact that gives 40 jump range is great for this too.
  • Modules you start the game with tend to be huge, so they reduce your free cargo space and speed, see if there was something smaller and consider upgrade.
  • Rocket launchers outrange all other guns by a large margin and there are module varieties that improve rocket damage in addition to module's normal effect. A fast ship armed with rockets can kite enemies and liberate systems on its own relatively early into the game.
  • Grab some probes from science base early and set them to scan some planet, probes are cheap early in game and will pay off quick.
  • If you took a loan from business base and all of them got destroyed(often happens on higher difficulties) you don't need to repay it.