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Mass Effect 2

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* If a class you pick feels limited in regards to weapon loadout, you can get an extra weapon type later on. Guns are good even on the power-focused classes.
* The game will refill your heavy weapons ammo to capacity fairly often, so use a heavy weapon at least once per mission, and try each at least a few times.
* You may want to maximise either your Paragon or your Renegade score so you won't be unable to make the difficult checks that you don't know about yet. It's not as necessary as it was in ME1, but you'll still miss out on some things if you don't.
* The passive-buff skills are surprisingly good, especially Shepard's.
* Your level cap is 30 (though you probably won't hit it without using an import character + DLC). That means that your teammates will have, at most, exactly enough skill points to max out 3 out of 4 powers - or mix and match, but be aware of the limitations.
* When you start the IFF mission consider yourself locked into the approach towards the endgame.


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