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  • Everything you build is purely cosmetic with two exceptions: Being carnivore/omnivore/herbivore in the first stage determines many of your additional skills in all the other stages. Creature phase, but more doesn't help more.
  • To end the game: Look for the Sol system and a nearby wormhole will take you almost to the center of the galaxy. You need at least interstellar drive 3.
  • Generally, being a Social player is easier than an Aggressive player. Siren Song, Fireworks and Black Cloud are broken and make those stages a breeze. Aggressive playthroughs are more fun IMO. Omnivore/adaptable players will have stronger Space Stage passives.
  • Fun tips - hold A whilst adding or dragging a part for asymmetry. Shift and Ctrl in Building and Vehicle editors allow free horizontal and vertical movement so you can make cooler stuff.
  • It's possible (and easy) to grab every cell part in the first stage. Grab some defences and jaws and go hunting for cells with the part you want.
  • Siren Song can be used on creatures hostile (red angry face) to you, allowing you to socialize with them - the first successful socialize will reset them to ambivalent (yellow). Use this to grab a strong pack member if you want.
  • Generally, after each brain/pack expansion, your species will migrate. Try and get as much done as possible between mating/evolution so you have a lot of new parts and DNA to play with and delay migration.
  • Destroying the eggs of a species instantly makes you their sworn enemy.
  • If you see a bunch of weird green pods at a nest, that species is evolving. They will turn up next time you mate/respawn.
  • Any pack members of a different species will be put in your pen in the Tribal Stage, getting you free food no matter what your diet is. Eggs rock.
  • Beware if you have the Creepy and Cute pack installed - these parts will be added to bones and rewards in the Creature stage. Their stats are okay, but if you don't want to use them you're a bit boned as the game likes to throw them at you and be coy with the vanilla parts.
  • You can edit your creatures before entering the Tribal stage - take the time to pretty up your creature, because once you click the tick, your penismonster is a penismonster forever.
  • Upgrade your costume regularly in Tribal - the stats can give you an edge.
  • Getting lots of food in Tribal boils down to a) abusing the hell out of your Chieftain's food ability (Storm, Fish, Traps) and b) getting a full pen of wild animals for eggs. You can easily roll in 500+ food at the later stages.
  • Most interactions in the Tribal stage can be brute forced by simply bringing enough people along. Leave one or two behind to guard the food/babies. Take everyone for the very last social/fight because it doesn't matter by then.
  • Click your campfire with creatures selected to make them dance.
  • Take a few weapons regardless of your alignment - all tribes after the first one are not big fans of you, so getting axes to fend off raids is a priority.
  • Civilization stage is boring as hell - 30 minutes of designing buildings, followed by zerg-rushing everyone until you can use your "I Win" ability. Blast through it asap, because Space Stage rocks.
  • Shop around in Space Stage - it's important to get a good route between empires going, selling spice to the highest bidder and buying your tools from the cheapest seller. Health, energy upgrades and cargo space are a priority, followed by pretty much whatever you need at the moment.
  • Empires have a star rating next to them, which tells you how tough any ships they give to your fleet are. Try and use only 3-5 star rated empires as your fleet members.
  • Destroyed enemy ships often drop money tokens, which you can abduct to get paid.
  • Certain empires pay lots of cash for artifacts. Make a note of what their philosophy is!
  • For the love of god, find some good creators and Sporecasts and buddy/subscribe to them. 90% of content on the Sporepedia is shit, but you'll occasionally find some savants that make awesome stuff. They are your lifeline to a good time and pretty-looking things.
  • Everyone has their own special snowflake empire/coalition/federation/fanfiction. Get used to it.
  • Most user-made Galactic Adventures are terrible combat slogfests, or at least somewhat combat oriented. Grab some Warrior parts (claws and laser) or Shaman parts (poison, bees, mind meld) or don't play them at all.