Star Control II: The Ur-Quan Masters

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  • Don't bother going to planets with temperature above 400, weather above 4 or tectonics above 4. Don't even go to a planet with a combination of any two or more that's near that limit. The more crew you lose the higher the cost to replace them.
  • As far resource gathering, don't bother with anything that gives you less than 4 RUs.
  • Upgrade your mothership's turning first. It makes navigation a billion times easier and even if you don't upgrade the speed you can at least escape from enemies chasing you because you don't turn like a tractor trailer.
  • As soon as you reactivate the Earth space station fly to Pluto.
  • Practice a bit with Pkunk Furies and Yehat Terminators, even when your mothership is an awesome engine of destruction.