Star Ocean: Second Evolution

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  • Once you get Bloody Armor, you are almost invincible save for Rena because she can't wear Bloody Armor. Despite bleeding out due to the armor at an alarming rate, Rena can party heal by that point and you should do fine as long as Rena is safe.
  • Get amulets of flexibility for your party ready for the second half of the game. It seems like all the bosses enjoy petrifying your ass.
  • When doing private actions in cities, explore every room and corner until you find something that lets you interact deeply with another character. It can be pretty humorous and rewarding.
  • Try to win the Arena (Get to the final round). You'll get access to the Deadly Edge which isn't that great by itself, but can be customized with Mithril to become the Sword of Minos, and when customized with another Mithril, becomes Aeterna (Eternal Sphere), one of Claude's best weapons in the game (if not the best).