Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

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  • If you need to parry something the timing is earlier than you think. Combat in general is not as precise as you may be expecting.
  • The next lightsaber "upgrade" is on Dathomir or the starting planet after you get a few new force powers. Its not as amazing as you think. Dathomir is also designed to be a challenge so don't hate yourself if you can't make it very far.
  • Unless you're playing on the highest difficulty health upgrades are a priority.
  • The chests only contain cosmetic upgrades except for the yellow chests. Those contain more stim packs and are quite useful.
  • I would wait to explore until after you leave Zeffo for the 2nd time. After that you should have most of the upgrades and while exploring periodically face random boss battles.
  • Try to go down every pathway and open up shortcuts. It really helps when you have to back track. Tied into this is check your map often. Its kind of hard to read but will show you new paths and things you can't access until later. This is a Metrodvania so if you've searched the whole area and can't figure out how to reach something you probably need to come back later.
  • Parrying is a lot more emphasized, but also is much easier than most Souls-like games, so be patient and you will get through fine.
  • Health and stims recharge at rest points, but only if you manually hit "rest" in the menu.
  • Don't try to chain parry ranged shots.
  • Most, if not all, secrets are Metroid style, in that they rarely require precision work to get to it. If you are having trouble reaching a space then just come back later with more movement abilities.
  • If you want to disable controller rumble and/or invert either of the camera axes, you have to hit pause > settings > controls. On this settings screen, it looks like the only option is to hit "configure controls" - it's not. Scroll down despite there being no indication you could. There's your camera/rumble setting!