Strange Horticulture

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  • The drawings are generally very accurate, things like petal counts and leaf features are represented 1:1.
  • The failure state returns you to the beginning of the day but doesn't remove any labels you've put on plants.
  • When you're given a choice of which plant to give someone, there is no wrong answer. It'll just affect which ending you get.
  • There are no missable plant identifications, there's an epilogue designed solely to let you finish that aspect.
  • Some map squares can be reached before you're prompted, letting you get the reward early. So take as many trips as you can.
  • Watering plants can increase your "Willingness to Leave the Shop" meter. It's a random chance, very noticeable when it happens, and there doesn't appear to be a limit to how many times you can trigger it during a day.