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  • Don’t worry about collectibles until you reach a chapter called The Slums. Just play through the first few chapters, as there is nothing to collect.
  • Even if you do miss something in a chapter, you can go back to the chapter later if you need to.
  • There are a certain amount of memories to collect in each chapter after the one called The Flat. For each chapter there are:
    • The Flat: 1
    • The Slums: 7
    • The Rooftops: 3
    • Dead end: 3
    • The Sewers: 2
    • Antvillage: 2
    • Midtown: 7
    • Jail: 1
    • Control room: 1
  • There are 6 badges you can get in this game: 1 is mandatory, 3 involve finding things for the robots, and 2 need to be searched for.
  • There is a code that’s written backwards to keep an eye out for near the end of the game.
  • When looking for the the music sheets, (and the memories in the Slums) feel free to spread your search out and don’t worry if you don’t find them all before helping Momo. You return to the Slums after both Rooftops and Dead End, so you have plenty of time to find them. Do make sure you find them all before you get on the boat with Momo, as you don’t return after that point.
  • Showing the robots items can yield helpful hints if you’re stuck, but sometimes you have to show it to multiple robots. This is helpful for something later in the game especially.
  • You can meow during cutscenes. This isn't important. I just love it and wanted you to know.
  • If you get stuck in Midtown make sure you check ALL the stores and didn’t miss any. Also search up high in the alley ways for collectibles.