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  • Anytime you are not sure where to go, refer to the map for the blinking squares. Those signify the unexplored rooms, and barring certain exceptions, you can usually explore them immediately.
  • The overall map itself is actually fixed, with the RNG being the small paths going from blocks to blocks. So the only thing you are potentially missing if you don't beeline straight for the blinking squares are the random treasures, which will be mitigated by a skill later in the game
    showing all those treasures clearly in your map.
  • There are some areas with dark red title & including "Endless Hordes" in the description, this means that enemy hordes just won't stop appearing no matter how many you killed, so get a move on there. Usually there are some strong perks to be unlocked in that area, and as long as you follow the blinking squares, you shouldn't miss them.
  • Even though the costs of the upgrade tree goes up and up, the shards you are getting from enemy hordes also goes up exponentially as you do the later areas of the game. So don't worry about getting stuck of not being able to upgrade your abilities, you will always have enough to do it.
  • You can attack upwards at the peak of your jump to get a little bit more height, and if you hit any enemies during your jump, you'll be able to jump again, hence making you be able to essentially go up a lot higher than you are supposed to. This is very useful in going to certain optional areas ahead of time.
  • Shrines are always shown on map with an alien head symbol, so you'll never miss out on those. They represent your main Metroidvania abilities, namely to unlock those orange padlocks area.
  • Each area has 3 minibosses & 1 main boss, with the minibosses giving Elder Shards Fragments (3 of those combined to 1), and the main boss giving 1 Elder Shard. So you should be able to get a "max" of 2 Elder Shards from each area.
    There are 3 more Elder Shards Fragments scattered around the world, which can be shown on the map as well using the previous skill showing all the treasures in the map.
  • You can resist/embrace each of the Elder Shards. To resist, you need to bring the Elder Shard to the Incinerator somewhere near to your starting area of the game, left-side. It will show a Flame icon on the map once you've discovered that room. To embrace, you just need to bring the Elder Shard to any of your already unlocked Shrines.
  • Resisting will grant you new skills in the perk tree in a linear manner, while Embracing will transform specifically the chosen shrine's ability to a better one.
  • There are
    Elder Shards in all. If you want 100% achievements, you just need to do 2 full runs. 1st run is all-in on 1 path either Resist or Embrace, and the 2nd run is you keep the final Elder Shard without doing anything with it and fighting the final boss to get the neutral ending. Once that is done, you load back your game save & deal with the final Elder Shard before proceeding to fight the boss again.