Super Smash Bros: Brawl

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  • Mid-air fucking dodge.
  • Mario and Link? Nerfed. Game and Watch and Luigi? BETTER.
  • It helps to be selfish around big item drops, like from a party ball. If you want items, try and draw the person guarding them away, then circumventing them, smashing them away and jamming on the 'a' button.
  • Careful of fast attacks! Capt. Falcon's forward-B leaves you without a third jump, as does Meta-Knight's cyclone. Worse, Marth's final smash can actually launch you off the stage if you miss!
  • Unless you're great at timing PK Flash, Lucas is (sadly) better than Ness.
  • Don't pick New Pork City unless you want everyone to fucking hate you. Electroplankton is a close second.