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  • There's only one puzzle in the game that requires translating the in game language, and it's not required to finish the game. If you don't understand something, just explore somewhere else until you find a page explaining what's up.
  • The game is aiming for you to feel confused. It will explain everything you need to know as it progresses, just enjoy the ride.
  • If you're worried that the combat may hinder your enjoyment then the Accessibility settings under Options gives you the ability to "Reduce Stamina Restrictions" or even enable a "No Fail" mode so you can just enjoy the adventure/puzzle elements. These can be enabled/disabled at any time so don't feel beholden to anything.
  • If your hand is angry at you holding LT all the time to focus on enemies, you can also click the right stick to toggle target lock on/off. Unlike basically everything else in the game, none of the manual pages you find mention this in any way.
  • Use your consumables. Especially the ones that damage enemies. There's no reason to hoard them.