Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together (SNES / PS1)

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  • For the sake of simplicity, plan to have a Cleric and a Priest. This way you'll have access to Heal+ and Revivify.
  • Charge is a spell which recovers more MP than it costs. It also does this at a range much greater than MP recovery items.
  • The success rate of status changing magic is based on DEX.
  • Bows aren't restricted to the displayed attack range. Get even a little higher than your target and you can reliably fire 3 or 4 tiles farther. An excellent height advantage gives an Archer her pick of targets anywhere on the map! They'll also generally kill casters in one shot.
  • Follow a step by step guide, there's so much you'll miss if you don't know exactly what you're doing.
  • If you're worried, stick to using multiple saves so you can go back if you don't like the results. There are two critical choices that change the way the story plays out. These choices also change your leader's alignment, potentially barring him from using the class you want. This doesn't matter quite as much if you decide to go for his spoiler-y uber class near the end. The choices also change which special characters you can get your hands on. One specific path even includes all four sisters AND the nice sidequest associated with them.
  • At some points you can choose one of two battles. These usually have different rare equipment in them. Like the difference between getting a water and air bow or an earth and fire bow. Not a huge deal, but some of us get a little OCD over this game sometimes.
  • And if you want the super lazy grinding method, try this. Take two healers. Unequip them. Give them nothing but Heal. Set them against each other in training, both AI controlled. Go read a book or something while they slug it out, but hang around to press a button in case the spell quote comes up. They'll level up smacking each other around. Maybe stop every now and then to use them as punching bags for the rest of your party for ungodly amounts of experience. It's possible to get to a point where even high DEX characters have a 1% chance to hit from behind. Consider stunning them or something to make it easier.