The Ascent

  • I personally recommend investing in one color type of stats, while splashing some points into health and energy as you feel you need them. Try to compliment the stat color you invest in with the same color active powers, as those powers get bonuses the more points you have in that stat color category.
  • The early game weapons are all pretty basic but you start getting some fun stuff mid-game. Don't be afraid to do a little upgrading to early weapons you find comfy but if you really want to slam upgrades into a bunch of early stuff be aware you will have to a little out of your way to grind a tiny bit when you find another weapon you really like later on. Heavily upgrading also lets you bust the difficulty curve a bit if you're struggling.
  • Explore! Do side missions! There's a whole lot of cool stuff and awesome areas that the story never really takes you too, the only thing limiting to you is the level of the enemies they stick in certain places. There's some hidden active powers, passive augments, skill points, upgrade materials and cyberdeck upgrades you wouldn't find otherwise if you don't explore or do side missions.
  • The Cyberdeck is surprisingly more important than it appears at first glance. You'll find upgrades just following the story but as mentioned in the point above if you want to fully upgrade it you'll need to do side missions and explore. You can always backtrack to pick up stuff from ICE locks you couldn't bust before so don't worry about missing out on anything. If you ever feel like you're struggling with a particular enemy for no discernable reason, try decking them.
  • Damage types and enemy weaknesses, are in fact, important. However you probably won't notice till the last third of the game if you've slammed upgrades in one weapon and overpowered the curve. If you feel like you're struggling to kill an enemy type despite having a near maxed out weapon, try a gun with a different damage type even if it hasn't been upgraded at all.
  • There is a cyber mod that makes it so you instantly dump your full clip but every bullet in the clip hits an enemy. There is a gun that is very inaccurate, but has a 100 bullet clip.